AltitudeCraft Ultimate Sight Pusher Tool in action, adjusting a handgun sight
Close-up of the precision reference marks on the Ultimate Sight Pusher Tool for accurate adjustments.
The Ultimate Sight Pusher Tool's robust aluminum frame and steel components.
A Glock slide being adjusted with the reversible sight prong of the Ultimate Sight Pusher Tool.
The large 4-post drive knob of the Ultimate Sight Pusher Tool for easy sight manipulation.
Front and rear sight adjustments being made effortlessly with the Ultimate Sight Pusher Tool.

Ultimate Sight Pusher Tool by AltitudeCraft - Precision Gun Sight Adjustments for All Handguns

Transform Your Shooting Precision with the Ultimate Sight Pusher Meet the AltitudeCraft Ultimate Sight Pusher—your ultimate solution...
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AltitudeCraft Ultimate Sight Pusher Tool in action, adjusting a handgun sight

Ultimate Sight Pusher Tool by AltitudeCraft - Precision Gun Sight Adjustments for All Handguns

$92.99 $85.99

Ultimate Sight Pusher Tool by AltitudeCraft - Precision Gun Sight Adjustments for All Handguns

$92.99 $85.99

Transform Your Shooting Precision with the Ultimate Sight Pusher

Meet the AltitudeCraft Ultimate Sight Pusher—your ultimate solution for precision sight adjustments on all semi-automatic pistols. Crafted with gun enthusiasts and professionals in mind, this tool is designed to offer unparalleled ease of use and accuracy in sight alignment and adjustments.

Whether you're a competitive shooter looking to refine your aim or a gunsmith in need of a reliable tool for sight installations, the AltitudeCraft Sight Pusher is built to meet your needs. Its durable aluminum construction and universal compatibility make it a versatile addition to any toolkit.

  • Universal Compatibility: Fits all semi-auto pistol models, including Glock, Sig, and more.
  • Precision Adjustments: Accurate reference marks for millimeter-level adjustments.
  • Durable Construction: Made with a sturdy aluminum frame and steel components for long-term reliability.
  • Easy to Use: Features a large 4-post drive knob for effortless sight manipulation.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for personal use, professional gun shop services, or educational purposes.

Precision Sight Adjustment Made Easy with AltitudeCraft

Precision Sight Adjustment Tool by AltitudeCraft

Universal Sight Pusher for Professional and Recreational Use

Universal Gun Sight Removal Tool

Optimize Your Firearm's Accuracy with Our Sight Pusher Tool

Optimize Firearm Accuracy with Sight Pusher Tool


Specifications Details
Color Red
Number of Pieces 1 pcs
Product Weight 4 lbs

Recommended By

★★★★★ Transformed My Gun Maintenance Routine | Alex Johnson, Firearms Enthusiast

"Ever struggled with adjusting sights, feeling like it's more of a gamble than precision? That was my reality, until the Ultimate Sight Pusher Tool came into my life. This isn't just any tool; it's a game-changer. The precise adjustments it allows for—millimeter perfect—transformed what was once a tedious task into something I actually look forward to. With its robust aluminum and steel build, it's not just effective; it's durable. It has made my firearms maintenance not just easier, but more accurate, saving me countless hours and ensuring my sights are always on point. Truly, a must-have for any serious shooter."

★★★★★ Quality Beyond Expectations | Samantha Reed, Competitive Shooter

"As a competitive shooter, every millimeter of sight adjustment can mean the difference between first and second place. I've gone through my fair share of sight pushers, but nothing compares to the Ultimate Sight Pusher Tool. Its precision is unmatched, making adjustments effortlessly precise. The first time I used it, I was taken aback by the quality—it's evident in the weight, the feel, and the performance. Adjusting my Glock's sights for an upcoming competition was a breeze, and it performed flawlessly under pressure. This tool hasn't just improved my maintenance routine; it's elevated my performance, giving me an edge I didn't have before."

★★★★★ A Lifesaver for Gunsmithing Tasks | Charlie Williams, Professional Gunsmith

"Gunsmithing is an art that demands precision and reliability, qualities that the Ultimate Sight Pusher Tool embodies perfectly. Its ease of use and universal compatibility have made it an indispensable part of my toolkit. Whether I'm working on a client's firearm or adjusting sights in a workshop, this tool's durability and precise adjustments ensure that I can tackle any task with confidence. It's not just a tool; it's a partner in ensuring that every firearm I work on meets the highest standards of accuracy and performance. For anyone in the gunsmithing profession, this tool is a testament to what modern engineering can contribute to traditional craftsmanship."

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: Can the AltitudeCraft Ultimate Sight Pusher Tool be used on all types of handguns, including newer models? A: Absolutely! Our tool is designed for universal compatibility, capable of adjusting front and rear sights on all semi-automatic pistols, including modern models. Its reversible sight prong ensures adaptability with a wide range of firearms, making it a versatile addition to your toolkit.

  2. Q: How precise are the adjustments I can make with this sight pusher tool? A: The AltitudeCraft Sight Pusher offers millimeter-level precision adjustments. It's equipped with accurate reference marks to ensure you achieve perfect alignment for both front and rear sights, enhancing your shooting accuracy significantly.

  3. Q: I'm worried about damaging my gun's finish. Will using the sight pusher cause any scratches or damage? A: We understand your concern, which is why our tool is designed with protective features to safeguard your firearm's finish. It includes rubberized components at clamp down points and a gentle yet secure grip to prevent any scratches or damage during adjustments.

  4. Q: Is the sight pusher tool difficult to set up and use? A: Not at all! Our sight pusher tool has been engineered for ease of use, featuring a straightforward setup and a large 4-post drive knob for easy sight manipulation. Even if you're not a professional gunsmith, you'll find the tool intuitive and user-friendly.

  5. Q: How durable is the AltitudeCraft Sight Pusher, and does it require special maintenance? A: Crafted with a sturdy aluminum frame and steel components, our sight pusher tool is built for longevity and can withstand rigorous use without wearing down. It requires minimal maintenance; just a light lubrication of the threaded parts occasionally to keep it operating smoothly.


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Customer Reviews

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I was very surprised at how sturdy and well built this sight tool is. When I picked up the box I was surprised at how heavy it was. After I opened it I realized just how well built and sturdy this tool was made. I expected something constructed of lightweight aluminum. This tool is very rigid and will allow for very precise sight adjustments. You will need to clamp the upper of your handgun into the unit to use it. So if you can't remove the upper from the frame this tool will not work for you. I wish they had provided some sort of foam or other protective surface where the upper clamps in to the unit though. I think that this is an easy fix however and does not detract from the functionality of the tool. There is a scale on the tool to aid in making precise adjustments. All in all a very nice tool for any serious gun owner that likes to maintain their own equipment.


I have changed out many rear sights on my firearms the old fashioned way, with a hammer and nylon punch. This thing has changed my life lol. Seriously this thing is great! Easy to use and works just like it should. Takes all of the pain out of changing a rear sight. Tool is well made and should last a lifetime.

J. J.

After meticulous setup, adjustments were easy to accomplish.

Charlie W.

Good quality. Did dagger iron sight with no problems!!¡!!

One Up Golfer

This is a very good budget friendly Sight Pusher. It works exactly as it should and doesn't mark up your pistol. I took my time and ran this tool through it's full range of motion and lubed it lightly prior to using it. It worked flawlessly and easily. It's a must have have for any Automatic Pistol owner. I highly recommend it.